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General Features

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General Features

AccountFlex is a powerful, full-featured linux accounting system based on leading edge software technology. AccountFlex consists of a number of modules that may be purchased seperately and, if necessary, can be customized by our staff. These modules provide comprehensive tracking and control of financial and operational aspects of your business. AccountFlex utilizes SQL based 4GL language called InfoFlex, which is compatible with Informix, C-Isam, DISAM, and Micro Focus Cobol data bases.

    Easy to learn menu-driven interface
    No end of period processing
    All periods kept open for data entry and/or reporting
    Extensive on-screen inquiry ability with on-screen report viewing
    Multiple divisions and multiple warehouses
    Customer and vendor subsidiaries
    Clear and concise audit trails
    Automatic error trapping to ensure data integrity
    Comprehensive user manuals
    Supports LINUX, UNIX or VMS


Accounts Payable for Linux

  • Provides for recurring expenses
  • Handles both open-item and balance forward accounts
  • Allows unlimited partial payments for any invoice
  • Allows any G/L distribution for checks
  • Allows manual and voided checks
  • Prints the aged trial balance report for any transaction date range
  • Allow entry of current month's transactions before posting last month's transactions
  • Prints reports for all vendors or any range of vendors
  • Allows runtime selection of aging periods for Aged Trial Balance
  • Allows posting of invoices to any period of any year
  • Allows prepayment of invoices
  • Maintains check register and allows reversal of previously posted checks
  • Allows extensive on-screen inquiries such as vendor balances, aging and invoice history


Accounts Receivable for Linux

  • Provides for recurring expenses
  • Allows selection and payment of invoices by
    • discount,
    • due-date,
    • transaction date,
    • invoice number,
    • division.
  • Handles both open-item and balance-forward acoounts.
  • Allows unlimited partial receipts for any invoice.
  • Allows any G/L distribution of receipts.
  • Lets you customize statements.
  • Prints the Age Trial Balance report and the statements for any transaction date range.
  • Allows entry of current month's transactions before having posted last months transactions.
  • Prints statements for all clients or for a range of clients.
  • Allows runtime selection of aging periods for Age Trial Balance and statements.
  • Allows posting of invoices to any period in any year.
  • Allows prepayment of invoices.
  • Maintains receipt register and allows reversal of previously reported receipts.
  • Allows extensive on-screen inquiries such as
    • customer balances,
    • aging, and
    • invoice history.


General Ledger for Linux

  • Provides for recurring journal entries
  • Retains unlimited number of periods
  • Posts transactions to any period in any year
  • Allows flexible account code structures up to 12 characters
  • Automatically posts year-end closing entries for clearing expense and revenue accounts
  • Allows financial reporting for current year without having closed the prior year
  • Provides spreadsheet like report writer so the novice user can easily generate custom financial reports
  • Allows extensive on-screen inquiries such as budget comparisons, current account balance comparisons, retained earnings, profit and loss and transaction details


Payroll for Linux   American Payroll Association

  • Automatically determines employee, state, and local taxes, and payroll deductions
  • Handles regular, overtime, piece work, bonus, one-time deductions and miscellaneous deductions
  • Calculates gross eranings by hour, day, month, or user-defined formula
  • Prints vacation and supplemental checks in user-defined formats
  • Supports pre-tax deductions for pension plans, IRA's, Keogh's and 401(k)'s
  • Automatically accrues and charges vacation and sick pay
  • Allows posting of previous periods
  • Prepares magnetic media for government reporting
  • Allows extensive on-screen inquiries such as employee accrual amounts


Sales Order Entry for Linux

    Invoice Processing
      Processes invoices, and credit memos: regular, standing, and future orders
    Printing orders
      Prints order confirmations, packing slips, invoices, credit memos, and shipping labels
     Extensive On-screen Inquiries
      Allows extensive on-screen inquiries such as customer balances, order history, etc.
    Other Features
    • Handles mixed units of measure or fractional quantities
    • Calculates taxes automatically
    • Allows invoices to be placed on hold
    • Checks credit limit at order entry time
    • Maintains unlimited ship-to addresses per customer


Purchase Order for Linux

Automatically updates vendor and inventory account balances.
Provides buyer notepad for keeping track of inquiries and order status.
Provides reports for
  • inventory re-ordering,
  • backorders, and
  • purchase order status by item or vendor.
Reconciles orders against invoices.
Allows extensive on-screen inquiries (vendor balances, aging, and inventory history).


Inventory Control for Linux

  • Process purchase orders and monitors receipts against outstanding purchase orders
  • Handles shipment and return of inventory items with on-line updates to stock levels and costs
  • Tracks serial numbers as part of the item receiving process
  • Allows adjustment of inventory by quantities and costs
  • Handles fractional quantities and mixed units of measure with different units for purchasing, selling and stock keeping
  • Supports 3 costing methods: moving average, standard costing, and user-specified costing
  • Tracks items by vendor account codes or stock location codes
  • Provides unlimited mark-up or discount price levels by product and/or customer price codes.
  • Levels may be set by percentages or amounts
  • Provides single level bill of materials
  • Allows extensive on screen inquiries such as item costs, prices, on-hand quantities, back order quantities


Screen Sample

Screen displays are character-based or, optionally, thin-client GUI. Our thin-client GUI technology provides fast seamless operation via web browsers, internet logins, and networks. Below is a sample GUI screen.


Sales $795
Inventory $795
Purchase Order $795
Accounts Receivable $795
Accounts Payable $795
General Ledger $795
Payroll $995
Point of Sales $795
Bank of Reconciliation $795
Job Cost $795
Bill of Materials $795
Infoflex $995
  • All prices are in US$
  • InfoFlex is required to run AccountFlex. InfoFlex pricing varies according to computer
  • AccountFlex modules include source code
  • Runtime copies may be purchased at $150 for each AccountFlex module and $195 for InfoFlex

Accountflex Products available on LINUX®, UNIX®, and WEB
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