A full-featured Linux accounting software system that fits any business by letting you turn on the features you want and turn off the ones you don't.  The system also comes with our Infoflex-4GL source code designed for easy modification so you can get a perfect fit. The Accountflex accounting system runs on all linux platforms as well as your favorite WEB browser (be sure to ask about our WEB accounting demo). Modules are available for General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Sales Order Entry, Point-of-Sales, Purchase Order, Inventory, Job Cost, Bill-of-Materials. These modules may be purchased separately and, if necessary, can be customized by our staff.  

A powerful linux 4GL language, syntactically similar and compatible to Informix®Infoflex-4GL saves coding drudgery with its many powerful built-in features. Unlike other 4GLs, Infoflex-4GL streamlines the design process with a consistent WYSIWYG approach to developing menus, screens, and reports. Our 4GL also provides the flexibility and power of 'C' language thru its seamlessly integrated interface.

A comprehensive Linux reporting tool for non-programmers to report, email, and export database content. Our easy to use point-and-shoot and menu-driven interface make adhoc reporting possible for the most novice user.  

An ANSI standard Linux SQL with API's for C, PHP, and Perl lanquages. SQLflex is a 100% compatible with Informix-ESQL/C® and Informix-SE®.

Products available on LINUX®, UNIX®, WINDOWS®, and WEB
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